Debug Mode

Press F1 to toggle Debug mode.


Command Buttons and Box

See Debug Commands


See Debug Rendering


How to dump
1. Press F1
2. Press <Debug
3. Press Dump

A dump is a record of
1. Screen Capture
2. Analysis and Statistics Report
3. Log File 1 (Main Log)
4. Log File 2 (Console Log)

These 4 files should share the same timestamp and they will be found in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Shadowrun Returns\DumpBox
or wherever your steam is.

If your scene crashes, you may find more information near the end of one of the two logs.
If there is an issue HBS is investigating, please dump the logs to a file and mail the 4 applicable files



Debug Buttons

  • [Dump]
    • Creates 4 error report files containing logfiles, screencapture and analysis
  • [Console]
    • Brings up a debug options window where you can view logs, set constants and logging channels
  • [ hm? ]
    • Toggle auto-hit, auto-miss, normal
  • [god]
    • Enable fast speed, invulnerability and quadruple damage
  • [Render] , [R= XXXX]
    • Cycle through some all-purpose debug rendering modes
  • [History] , [H = XXXX]
    • Cycle through some specific tracking of recent events
  • [Tile] , [T = XXXX]


Draw Buttons

  • [ANLZ]
    • Toggle Analyzer recording
  • [LOG]
    • Toggle Log recording
  • [Move]
    • Toggle move grid rendering
  • [Cam]
    • Toggle camera perspective vs orthographic
  • [Fog]
    • Toggle Fog of War visibility
  • [Sub]
    • Toggle some prop and wall camera passes

Other Buttons

  • [1X] and [||]
    • Cycle GameSpeed